Why do dogs need regular grooming and what is it

Why do dogs need regular grooming and what is it

Grooming is a set of procedures aimed at maintaining a well-groomed appearance of the animal. In addition to cutting and washing their hair, dogs need Brickell dog grooming cleaning of their eyes, ears and teeth, and trim their nails. Mobile pet grooming Miami is best if you wish to avail yourself.

The main procedures that are carried out for pets:

  1. Wash: Regardless of breed, type of coat, and frequency of walks outside, dogs should also take baths. In summer, a large pet can be washed with a garden hose set to warm water. In winter – the procedure should be carried out in a heated room. The water should be warm, but not too hot. Otherwise, boiling water can cause burns and skin irritation. You need to wash your pet only with special shampoos. Hygiene products for humans are not suitable for animals!Important! If your pet has a thick coat that is prone to tangles, first untangle them well, and only then proceed to the bath procedures.
  2. Haircut: Even short-haired pets need to remove excess hair. It is advisable to have a professional haircut done by a groomer. The Brickell dog grooming specialist knows how to find an approach even for the most capricious dog.

The procedure can be performed in several ways:

haircut – uniform shortening of regrown wool;

stripping – getting rid of the already dead hairs of a non-shedding dog, which interfere with the growth of new hair;

  1. Nail clipping: This procedure must be carried out more often than others. If you do not shorten the dog’s nails, they will grow and curl into a spiral. As a result, the pet will limp, as any step causes pain. What’s more, the claws will begin to cause joint misalignment and dig into the paw pads, leading to infections.

In the nail plate of the animal, some vessels are easy to touch, so the procedure for cutting the claws is performed using nail clippers or special secateurs.

  1. Eye care:

Eye care varies by breed. In pets with a flattened muzzle (Pugs, etc.), discharge from the eyes often in the nasal folds, which irritates this area.