Multiple ways for increasing breast milk production

Multiple ways for increasing breast milk production

Many moms have to stop partially or completely within few months. The main reason for this is the insufficient production of milk. There are various ways by which this issue can be overcome. Keep on reading to know how to boost breast milk with best practices and evidence-based methods used by moms for centuries.

More often breastfeeding

More often breastfeed the baby and let the baby decide how to stop feeding. When a baby is sucking the breast, some hormones will trigger the breast for producing milk. This is also known as the let-down reflex process. In this, the muscles are been contracted and the milk is been moved from the ducts. This will happen when the baby starts breastfeeding. The more you breastfeed the more milk the breast will make.

how to boost breast milk

Pump between feedings

Pumping in between the feedings will also help in increasing the production of milk. When you are warming your breast before the pumping then this will make you more comfortable and easier.

Breastfeed from both sides

Allow to baby to feed on the other breast only when the milk will slow down from the first breast. When you do breastfeed from both the breast then it will help in increasing milk production. When the milk is been pump from both the breast then it will result in high-fat content in the milk with increasing milk production. This will really helpful to the baby also and it is good for the breast health of the mom.