The alternate to money

Technology is changing the perception of the people about everything. Things that were nearly impossible to do in the previous years are being done easily with the help of the internet. Various other innovations are also been made every day to match and align with the present demand and trends. In the list of things that were invented, the most debated and gradually successful one is the bitcoin. It is an entirely new term and was released in the year 2009. Though initially people were hesitant and had many doubts regarding the operation, it later went on to become the most used online tool for transactions. In India too, many people are using it regularly for their small or bulk payments. Just like the normal market prices, the value of this currency changes every day, and people can comfortably check the current price and also can convert from INR to BTC.

The alternate to money

Points to be noted:

Though it is a revolutionary innovation, there are many people who do not know the process and yet proceed to take part in it. Let us look at some crucial details:

  • This kind of currency is available only in the online medium. There is no physical money involved.
  • It can be used for making any kind of small or bulk payments easily to any country.
  • There is no authority involved that governs the rules and regulations for everyday operations.
  • All the transactions are stored in a public ledger which is generally called as ‘blockchain’

Irrespective of strict regulatory measures taken by the government of some countries, the value of the bitcoin is increasing heavily. is a website through which people can easily convert INR to BTC and get the present worth. It was also said that in 2017, the number of people using this kind of technology went up to 20 million across the world. In the coming years, value and usage are expected to rise with new demands and beliefs from the people.