Fort Lauderdal grooming service – How to bathe your dog?

Fort Lauderdal grooming service – How to bathe your dog?

Bathing is an important aspect of dog grooming bocaratonfl and can be fun for you as well as for the dog. If the dog knows about the timing of the bath, then you will only need to know the technique of bathing it. Young puppies shouldn’t get a bath in winter. You can opt for a sponge bath for them. If you are not comfortable bathing your dog then you schedule today your pet grooming session with us in Fort Lauderdal.

Tips for bathing and dog grooming bocaratonfl:

Brush before you wet the dog: this will remove loose hair or matted stuff from his coat and make it easier to clean with shampoo.

Tub, sink, or outdoor: it is easier to bathe little dogs. You can use a kitchen sink for them. a tub is suited for a larger dog. Make use of a hair catcher to avoid clogging.

Shampoo: do not use shampoos that you use for yourself for your dog. Get a recommendation from your vet for a shampoo that will suit your dog. Dilute the shampoo to get a long-lasting and easier lather.

Washing: wet your dog completely, leaving his ears, face, and head. Shampoo the body first and then take extra care while you wet the ears, face, and head. Keep your hands on his ears so that water does not enter inside. Later you should rinse multiple times.

Dry: After rinsing wrap the dog immediately in a towel and make him dry.