More about sunrooms and their designs

More about sunrooms and their designs

The sliding verandas can be used for any use: sitting rooms, playrooms for children, laundries or simply corners where you can relax alone or in the company of friends. They offer an extra space, protected from rain, wind and cold thanks to an invisible glass barrier: the windows for verandas have a solid structure in tempered glass and aluminum, which can be removed at any time with the utmost practicality. They are a simple, comfortable and flexible solution, which adapts perfectly to everyone’s needs add a sunroom in West Fargo, ND.

Why create a bespoke glass veranda

There are many benefits of installing a bespoke glass veranda at home, including An extra space at your disposal; Thermal insulation and energy saving; Acoustic insulation from the most annoying external noises. The low-emissivity glass of the sliding verandas of 10mm thickness allow to keep the heat inside the new environment that is created, avoiding its dispersion and leading to a significant reduction in energy consumption. With a single solution you get an advantage in itself , significantly reducing heating costs in the bill, and an advantage for the environment , from an eco-sustainable perspective. In this way, the sliding veranda for terraces and balconies becomes an isolated and well insulated space, to be used when and how you prefer.

Sliding windows for verandas, where to install them and the veranda windows can be used to close:

Balconies . Too often the balcony is not fully exploited, especially if you live in a condominium. A sliding balcony veranda is the perfect solution to make the most of this outdoor space: the all-glass balcony cover is practical, safe and does not compromise the view of the building in any way thanks to the total transparency of the glass modules.

Terraces . Choosing a sliding veranda for terraces allows you to create a new, modern and functional environment, where you can live your daily life away from any annoyance from the outside world (for example bad weather, insects or prying noises). Being extremely versatile, sliding glass doors for verandas can be installed on terraces of any size and shape, from circular ones to those with multiple edges.

Porch . The portico is a very common architectural element in Italian homes, which unfortunately it is forced to abandon with the arrival of the first cold. The sliding porch veranda is an innovative and functional way to overcome this problem: panoramic windows will offer excellent protection and, last but not least, will significantly reduce energy consumption for home heating.