As more and more BITCOIN is generated, the total cap set by Satoshi Nakamoto comes nearer. Of the 21 million set by Nakamoto himself, only 3.7 million BITCOIN remain to be mined. At the start of the program, it was possible for new entrants to make several hundred BITCOIN by Mining on a home PC. As time goes on, and the cap gets nearer, it becomes almost impossible for the smaller Players to mine BITCOIN. The Mining Network is gradually being cornered by top Players only, who have dedicated millions of Dollars of computing power to the Mining of BITCOIN. Smaller Players have become shutout by the sheer unprofitability of using normally available computing power to this game. Unless some super efficient brains, with some extremely powerful Hardware and Software, combine, there is little chance of making profit.


More money will be invested or locked in than ever recovered in the form of BITCOIN. So the straight and narrow route is now out. Professional Miners with Mining Software and customized ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) have formed companies, or launched sites, which can help. But such help needs verification. It may be a scam, and thousands of people have already been scammed by fictitious Mining Websites all over the world. So this is not a route that ordinary people can afford. free bitcoin is offered but actually it is not free. This is earning BITCOIN by providing services. These services typically comprise of working for persons or organizations that are willing to pay in BITCOIN.