How does SEM work to improve internet marketing?

How does SEM work to improve internet marketing?

Internet marketing is initially thought easy by creating a webpage, sending emails, posting ads. But marketing doesn’t end there. The main purpose is to achieve maximum customers. This is not possible without advertisements and implementing various strategies. One of the important strategy is Search Engine Optimisation.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine helps to retrieve related websites based on a keyword. When a customer wants to buy a TV he could just type TV or a specific model in the search box. The search engine will retrieve related websites which market this product. Normally human tendency is to look on the first option in the list as we know that page will the most visited or ranked high. So he will check that page or check in other websites on the first page of the search engine. The websites which are listed in the second and later pages are gone unnoticed. Thus to increase the visibility of a webpage and to increase its ranking Search engine optimisation is used. There are companies who provide search engine optimisation services. Their services are also available online.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Business needs advertisement without which it is not easy to reach many customers. Some people who might not know about the product might see an advertisement in some other page like a social media page or in their email page. Only then they might want to know more about the product and visit your page. Thus to attract more customers SEM strategy is applied. There are cost involved when we go for SEO and SEM but it nothing compared to the profit by implementing the strategies. Optimising involves doing some changes within the webpage to add relevant keywords, providing back link etc.

Pay per click

Pay per click also known as cost per click is used in internet advertising. The advertiser pays the publisher when the ad is clicked by a user. It is the cost spent when your advertisement is clicked. It is done by advertising on a most visited website or social media where more people get to see the advertisement. When there is a click on the ad the publisher gets a certain amount. If there is no click there is no loss for the publisher.

Cost per impression

Cost per impression is also another form of advertising in internet. This is similar to advertising in other medias. A single page may contain many impressions of different ads. When a page is opened you could find many advertisements, these are called impressions. They also carry a cost to the advertiser.

Other costs involved in internet marketing are cost per Millie; cost per action, performance based advertising and so on. These are all commonly used terms in advertising.

Thus like the traditional type of marketing and advertisement through tv, radio etc, internet marketing also involves advertisement and the cost related to it. It is also important to make use of the above strategies for a successful online business.

Steps involved in internet marketing

With the advancement in technology internet has given way to improvement in business too. One of the many advantages of internet is internet marketing. It helps to reach more customers and gain popularity.