Should you purchase a LOL LAS account?

What’s the major difference between playing online for free or purchasing a LOL las account? Well, if you ask us, the difference is enormous. There are many possibilities and options that you can get by purchasing a lol las account. There are safety reasons, instant upgrade, more skinks available, more champs, the possibility to play like a professional with real people…I could go on like this forever. If you’re interested, continue reading this article.

What are the benefits of purchasing a LoL LAS accounts at gamestore?

If you truly are a passionate LOL player, than you know how much it means to us to become better and level ourselves up! But, it is not as easy as it seems, right? Well, guess what? By joining and purchasing a LOL account, you will instantly become leveled up and be able to acquire more champs and play with real people. It sounds unbelievable, right? Well, believe me, it’s not. But, what does offer that others don’t? We offer:

Latin North Server

-An account in Latin North Server!

-30 level!

-Unranked ELO!

-Up to 133 champs!

-Up to 105 skins!

-Up to 20 Rune pages!

-Up to 250 RP

Why purchase the account at and not at another server?

Let’s be realistic, even we know that purchasing an account from an untrustworthy server can cost you more than you actually paid for it. What are we referring to? With you won’t be at risk to:

-Get your account banned: We guarantee the top quality of our LOL accounts!

-Lost access: You get to set your own username and password!

-Wrong IP: You’all always be able to access runes and champs with a account

-Wrong name: Botted profiles often get banned just because they are using a wrong name. We don’t have botted profiles, you will be playing with real people, which means that you won’t be running the risk of losing the money you invested in your account because you’re banned due to botted profiles.

Why chose

We have been on the market for many years, we have served thousands of customers so far and we have gained good reputation. We offer to each and one of you: safety, reliability (confirmed by Google), different paying options, excellent customer support, guarantee, premium quality, instant delivery, discounts/ special offers and much more! Get registered and explore the world of possibilities with us!

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