The Merits of Choosing the Best Lacrosse Rebounder

The Merits of Choosing the Best Lacrosse Rebounder

Choosing the best lacrosse rebounder means that you have to be aware of these factors: weight, height, rebound speed, and bounce.


TheĀ best lacrosse rebounder come in varying weights which impact the amount of time for the ball to return after it hits the ground. It could take as little as a second for the ball to return or up to five seconds. The heavier a lacrosse rebounder is, the more force it can apply on contact with the ball and lower lever speeds are needed for faster rebounds.


The height of a lacrosse rebounder is also a factor and refers to how high the net is above the ground. This also affects how fast the ball will rebound. Typically, a taller rebounder means that the ball will come back to you faster, because it has less time to go up in the air before dropping back down. A higher goal also increases your space for making mistakes when shooting at it. If you are not sure about the exact height that you want, then a good rule of thumb would be to go for one with a taller net. It gives you more room for error and more overall playing space which is what matters most in this game.


The rebounder’s bounce is extremely important too and it is the number 3 important factor to consider. The bounce of the rebounder needs to be enough to allow the ball to gradually bounce back up higher. It won’t just go straight down and hit you in the face. The bouncing ability must be able to match your height, size, and weight of average player. An inexperienced player will want a smaller, softer and gentler bounce while a more advanced player would need to go with a larger, harder, and faster bounce.

Rebound Speed

The speed of the rebound is determined by how fast the ball comes off the ground. A faster rebound requires less time to bounce up and if it is too fast, then more control will be needed. A slower rebound takes longer to return and you have more time to shoot with less pressure to control your shots.

The size of a lacrosse rebounder should also be considered because this will determine how much space you have for playing. A smaller rebounder may require you to play tighter or it could affect how smooth your shots are. A larger rebounder gives you more room for error and with that comes the ability to go higher and shoot quicker which is beneficial for all players.