Clothes tell a lot about people:

A wedding is a greatest occasion one can have in their entire life. There are certain things that are essential for a wedding like a bride, a groom and a wedding dress. Yes, a wedding suit is the most important thing for a groom. That wedding suit must be a perfect combination of a premium fabric and a perfect fit. Any shop in the world cannot provide you that. Only a tailor can give it. Not all tailors, only a tailor with experience, skills and good knowledge in fashion can do it. Raja fashions is the largest custom tailoring community in Hong Kong which provides premium tailor made wedding suits and much more. They have a huge collection of fabrics from all around the world which contains more than 20,000 different kinds of fabrics. They have a good customer service.

Their main objective is customer satisfaction. They take the measurements of the customer first. Then their professional guides guide you through all the trends and help you to find a perfect fabric for you suit. Then your suit will be constructed by the leading stylists in a style that never gets old. They also give guarantee for your suit which is, you can change fit of your suit until you are satisfied. They are the only hong kong custom tailor brand that has stores in various parts of Singapore and Australia. They also travel to 60+ cities in 4 continents throughout the year to conduct trunk shows. But you don’t need to visit the stores or attend the trunk shows to connect to them.

hong kong custom tailor

You can experience all of this from your home. They provide the feature of virtual appointment. Virtual appointment is their special feature in which you can talk to their professional guide and they will provide you all the services just like in the real store. You can also explore their huge online store from any corner of the world. The delivery time of custom suits differs from 3 to 6 weeks, entirely depend upon your location.