What You Need to Know About Brain Injury

What You Need to Know About Brain Injury

The human mind is the most complex human organ. Only 10% of its functions and capabilities are understood, and it is believed that it reaches only 10% of its real tasks simultaneously. However, despite its biological superiority, it remains one of the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of the human body.


For obvious reasons, being a victim of serious injuries is not something everyone likes to continue to do. Still, all over the world, people have to endure every day the consequences of changing lives and accepting brain injuries. If you have this problem or you know a person with it is good to visit the concussion management clinic.

severity of traumatic brain injury

 The types and severity of traumatic brain injury range from the most diverse: from mild bleeding from the nose and dizziness to a disability or involuntary status. Of course, brain injury can also lead to death. Although different parts of the brain are understood in terms of their primary function, the links between each part of the brain and the part of the body it controls are so sensitive that it is often difficult to predict fully and/or accurately the consequences of brain injury and to predict the likely recovery of an injured person. .


Every year, approximately 1 million people in the UK are hospitalized with a head injury. According to statistics, men are more likely than women to have head injuries, and those between the ages of 15 and 29 are most at risk.


Recently, there have been reports of a building that suffered severe trauma to the spine and brain after falling into the roof of an agricultural building. After falling six meters to the ground, the worker fell on the roof after being given the metal plates on which he stood. Car accidents are believed to be the leading cause of serious brain injury, but many also suffer brain injuries as a result of violence. Attacks, work accidents, and military accidents.


Work accidents have already been identified as the leading cause of brain injury and serious injury, which is why strict health and safety procedures must be followed in every workplace. Unfortunately, despite all efforts to ensure worker safety, there are always cases where rules are simply ignored.