Hot stones for massages, how they are used and what they are for

Hot stones for massages, how they are used and what they are for

Massage is a physical and mental well-being technique capable of bringing a series of benefits to the mind and body of the person who performs it. Depending on the specializations of the same and the most common types, it is possible to treat a series of problems and pathologies massage therapist in Bridgewater, NJ.

Among the most popular massage methods there is the one carried out with hot stones, also known as hot stone massage, which exploits the beneficial properties of these natural elements to carry out a technique that has been particularly appreciated in recent years.

In this article we will take care of indicating all the information necessary to fully understand this technique, as well as the benefits it is able to bring and its operation.

The massage performed with hot stones is indicated for all those who suffer from muscle stiffness and contractures, as the heat generated by the stones is able to bring a series of benefits in this regard. As for the mind and the energy of the body, the hot stone massage acts by unlocking the chakra and consequently ensuring a rebalancing of the body and mind.

The methods for carrying out this type of massage that requires the use of hot stones are essentially three and are divided as follows:

massage performed through the unique use of volcanic hot stones;

massage performed by alternating hot and cold stones, 52 in the first case and 18 in the second;

massage performed through the unique use of cold stones, particularly indicated in specific cases in which it is necessary to improve the oxygenation of the blood and tissues and consequently the capillary fragility of the individual who performs it.

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