Tips for planning dessert table for wedding

Tips for planning dessert table for wedding

It has become a joke in wedding industry today that all the wedding planners now have became planners for cake. We admit, it’s the best thing of a day. That said, selecting what type of dessert table setup Singapore you would like to serve for your wedding, and right vendor for delivering it, is actually very important!

First, make the choice of dessert

Here are some favorite ideas that you need we consider. Begin by making the selection, which you will serve, in the perfect world scenario. After that we will help you out with real world possibilities:

event management

Know how you would like the table to appear.  Do you like an idea of solo cake table? Would you like the smorgasbord choices? Do you need something very interactive? Do you want something, which is multipurpos.  Do you want the monochromatic display?  Would you like something elaborate and minimal? Look will be one important factor for final dessert selection & “functionality” of a display.

Start researching on vendors.  We’ve the good network of the vendors that we have vetted for the professionalism and quality.

Ask questions. Will you provide several options or only one? Will you do design or placement? Is there any cutting and setup fee? Who offer plates or silverware?

Schedule the tasting!  Irrespective of what you select, you have to know what it will taste like! The step is very fun.  Keep the group small and make sure you let the baker we know who can attend so that they will have enough of samples for everybody.