Simple and basic steps for the kid’s art classes in Singapore

In this context, the discussion is about conducting the kids art classes singapore. If the basics get clear at a very small age, it will help a lot in the future. How does an artist draw a picture with an accurate measurement, and a normal human being can’t? The answer is the power of visualizing. The power of imagination. Therefore, firstly work needs to be done on the imagination of a child. The child should learn how to imagine. Let’s make it more clear.

Kids art classes

Whatever object is taught to the child should be clear in mind. The way of designing is done and completed on the paper. The most important thing in kid’s art class is drawing a straight line and perfectly holding the pencil. Whenever the drawing is taught to a kid, the things have to be compared with some object. For example, drawing a boy. To draw a boy, first, make a simple circle. The circle is the face. Below the circle, make a square. Square is the body. Below the square draw two rectangles. The two rectangles are the leg. Add two more very small sizes of a rectangle, which will be the foot. On the left-hand side and right-hand side, two more thin rectangles have to be added. These are the hands.

Breaking things into smaller parts

So this is how everything has to be broken into the simplest way then the teaching needs to be done in the kid’s art classes. Always keep the picture of the object which has to be drawn. The kid must be taught what the drawing is.