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          The crypto currency which is a very latest invention in the market has become the most talked about issue these days. Of all the crypto currencies that are available as of now, the bitcoin is considered the oldest as it was introduced first in the market. It is also the most sought after crypto currency and it is much more popular than the others there are in the market. Those of you who are wondering how to get hold of the bitcoin for your own collection will have to know a few sources about how to earn bitcoin so that you can start it now. Since it is used within peer groups you will have find the source in order to get them.

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A few sources:

          You have to go through a few sources where you can get access to the bitcoin or any crypto currency for that matter. The bitcoins are available now in more places than it was before. The sources include the few game spots where you can play the puzzle games or the person to person exchange of the bitcoin. They can be also got from the gaming websites as well here you have to make sure whether they deal in crypto currency for rewarding the winners and the referrals that they get on their old customers. Some of the websites might offer the bitcoin when you watch the shows or enter into a game and other such activities as well. However you need to know them better and get the information on how to earn bitcoin before you can register on all those sources that claim that they offer their rewards in bitcoin.