First job – what should be remembered

Entering the labor market and seeking the first “real” employment is certainly an easy and stressful task. Breaking through the thicket of advertisements, graduates of schools and universities are looking for good offers and – after sending a meticulously created CV – they are hoping for answers and invitations for an interview. The first job is waiting for people who will present themselves well to the potential employer, meet their requirements, and convince them The lucky ones will find employment in the profession; others will enjoy the opportunity to gain (so valuable now) experience and earn a few pennies.

IT guy resumesFirst job – what contract

The contract is the legal basis for entering into an employment relationship – it contains the most important information about it. By  showing vigilance and knowledge in this matter,   A young employee can take care of his interests, as well as impress his employer.

The guiding principle is that the employment contract should be in writing. What information should you look for on a well-created contract? In addition to the parties, the date of the conclusion and the nature of the contract should include such data as employee obligations, type of work performed (and thus position), place of work, working time, start date, and amount of remuneration. A very important issue related to the conclusion of the employment contract is the date of its conclusion. Drawing up a contract is an important responsibility of the employer because employing employees without a contract is unlawful (constitutes an infringement of the employee’s rights) and is punishable by a fine.