Recommended Moving Company for All-In Service

Recommended Moving Company for All-In Service

 Coverage relocation in Switzerland surrounding area

When it comes to a final decision to move, it could cause a headache if everything is in your hand. So often, the car doesn’t support you to deliver all of your stuff, especially the big one such as house furniture like bed or sofa. Another thing is about handling the electronic devices like television, computers, or microwave that might require further protection on the packaging. All of these things should be considered to ensure your materials delivered safely into the new place. To support you managesa relocation plan; there is a solution of all in service moving company bern through Winder. This company offers two types of services, for the hourly base and premium service.

Hourly Moving Service

This service is typically chosen for partial relocation just to move some of your stuff. It contains a service of one truck delivery with 2 furniture packer. The price is only 549 CHF including the service to dismantle and construction of your furniture. If you want to move an additional box, it cost you only 3 CHF per box. So for example, you have a plan to move 10 boxes in short distance relocation, then you only need to spend additional 30 CHF and total expenses only 579 CHF. It is really an affordable price for you.

Furthermore, if the distance is quite far and spend more travel hours, then there is a package offers by this moving company umzug Bern for 3 hours services with just only 699 CHF. This service is already inclusive 3 furniture packer and 20 boxes moving. This service is perfect to bring a bed, a sofa and a wardrobe. The boxes can contain various items like books, televisions, computers, microwave, clothes, CD collections and many other things. All should be loaded into 1 big truck vehicle only. Additional time will cost you 200 CHF per hour, so make sure you have a good estimation on your relocation time.

Premium Moving Service

The inclusive service in this package is really relieving your headache. To begin with, you don’t have to expend much time to pack private favorite stuff. Second, it supports to dismantle and constructed your valuable furniture. Third, it provides insurance during the transportation process which is really needed if you bring quite much stuff in the utmost care. Read more the term and condition of the insurance before agreeing to this service so you can get more detail information about it.

This premium service cost only for 1499 CHF. It includes the professional consultation visit to figure out the best way to transfer your materials. They have experience to relocate into Switzerland surrounding areaslike Basel, Bern, Zurich, Geneva, Lugano, and Montreux. Everything is handled by the team member; all you need to do is sit and relax.