Masters of Envelope Printing in today’s date!

Masters of Envelope Printing in today’s date!

The first-ever envelope that was discovered/made was different from how envelopes look these days. Hollow clay spheres were molded around financial tokens which were then used for private transactions. Later on, paper envelopes were developed in China after the paper was invented. It was used to store money as gifts and was also distributed to government officials with monetary gifts.

Handmade envelopes came into the display later on, which allowed people to make use of letter-locking techniques, included sealing the letter shut by using wax to avoid or indicate tampering and the authenticity of the information inside it. These handmade envelopes were used for both domestic as well as commercial purposes.

Soon after which, a new era of envelopes emerged which was envelopes that had adhesive-based flaps that could be used to stick the envelope together without making use of any sort of waxes or sealing products.

Different types of envelopes are continuously being used even today such as windowed envelopes, Security Envelopes, Mailers, Padded Mailers, and Inter-office mailers.

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