The canning hills and its projects are purely a real estate type of buildings where there will be more number if owners present. The canninghill square river valley is also known for condominium type of real estates .the condominiums are best deals in market and they have wide range if expansions in their work .The condominium is one if the big community type of house formation and collections and many people make good ideas in it.


The canning hill valley is the best place for tourists to attract and they can enjoy their time happily in their own private space.

They have several. Collections like

  • Living areas
  • Bath rooms
  • Bed rooms

 Along with garden area and many more places that work with in. Generally the places in Singapore are easy to for lease and stay and even giving a good rent if owned a home so even it is very much look for property money payers to invest in. As the city is in the city centre and along to river valley it attracts people for various corners of the world to visit, to live, to work etc.

Canning hill which is located in the middle of the city Singapore makes it comfortable for people to travel all corners easily with good conveyance.

Places located near the canning hill

  1. Newton MRT station
  2. Bukit Tomah Road
  3. Kampong Java Way
  4. Shopping spots
  5. Trampoline park

There are flush two thruways namely Pan Island thruway and Central expressway which assistances to travel any place in Singapore easily. The people has access to has many shopping’s, eateries, fun and adventure chairs and numerous big proprietary spending malls like UE square Mall,  Clarke quay central, riverside point, forum Mall and many more etc. amusement parks, parks like trampoline park, nightclubs, study centres, colleges, business departments, schoolyards , street foods etc.   So it enables everyone to go anywhere anytime happily without hurdles. Disclaimed schools and hospices are located in so there is no essential to go far inattentive.

The canning hill valley has inordinate groups and deals and this helps in formation of good collection of households and gathering the people to form good community. The house is for many people and they set a wide range of groups from it. The canning hill vale has several chairs in market which incline to form good regions of production from it.