Importance of Using Secure WordPress Plugins

Importance of Using Secure WordPress Plugins

With the increasing amount of malicious WordPress plugins available on the internet, it is hard to stay safe from being hacked. This article lists some of the best plugins you can use for your website to avoid potential security threats.


It’s no surprise that many sites use Shopify Indonesia as their content management system for blogs and websites. However, with this popularity comes many vulnerabilities and bad actors on the web — people looking to break into a site or steal personal data. There are also over 100 million WordPress sites today. Hence, keeping your information secure is not always easy as more people have access to your site’s login credentials or security settings.


It is also important to remember that WordPress is not a secure platform. While it can be configured safely, if you leave open ports without appropriate firewall protection, anyone on the internet could potentially break into your site, steal your data or create new accounts. Therefore, even with this plugin installed on the WordPress server, you still need to have a separate security solution for the front-end site.

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This plugin has been around for over five years and is widely considered one of the best ways to ensure your WordPress site has tight security. It will scan the server for potential vulnerabilities, cross out known exploits that specific attacks use, and even notify you if an IP address or username has been used on other websites.


One of the best parts about this plugin is that it is constantly updated with new security patches and works great with any WordPress theme. If you are looking for a tried-and-true plugin for your site, this is a great option to keep you safe from intrusions and attacks.


Cryptonite protects your site from exploits, unwanted users, and unauthorized changes. This security plugin can work on both front-end and back-end aspects of your site to ensure the safety of the entire server. You can set up access controls, restrict login attempts and even stop potential attackers from brute-forcing their way into your site or installing malicious plugins or themes.