3 Points To Consider Before Getting Your Hotels brochure printing in Cincinnati, OH

3 Points To Consider Before Getting Your Hotels brochure printing in Cincinnati, OH

A well-designed brochure may do wonders for a company’s bottom line. A hotel’s ability to attract guests, sell rooms, and attract tourists is directly proportional to the quality of the brochures it distributes. You may relax during the off-season as well. Brochures are a convenient way to advertise your hotel around the clock while also giving potential guests a detailed look at all the services, luxuries, and facilities you provide. If you want your hotel brochure to appear its best, consider the following 3 points before diving into the brochure printing in Cincinnati, OH process.

  1. The Hotel’s Catchphrase and Name

It is essential that hotel slogans complement hotel names. For instance, “Your home out of home” is a common slogan for hotels to put directly after their name and emblem. Your tagline will become synonymous with your resort’s name in the minds of potential guests, therefore it’s important that you love it. Moreover, a catchy phrase may do wonders for your hotel’s marketing and branding efforts. 

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  1. Methods of Contact

In the brochure, be sure to provide the full location and contact information for the hotel. A short street map and instructions from major thoroughfares, such the airport, would be very appreciated. Because of this, your brochure will also be valuable to visitors. The hotel’s main desk or concierge should be the go-to contact when sharing the hotel’s number. Make it clear who each call will reach if you’ve a dedicated customer support line. When a consumer calls and gets a series of numbers but none of them connects them to the person they want to speak with, they get more frustrated.

  1. Rooms & Facilities

You need to ensure that the hotel brochure is enticing to any and all guests who may look at it. Rooms and suites should be listed as such. If space permits, you may also provide the specific amenities that come with each package in addition to the hotel’s standard offerings. You should also add images of the rooms with these features. If you’re short on room, highlight your most lavish suites.

To sum it all up, brochures are looked at and kept because of the exceptional rate they give. Room pricing and any package deals your hotel is offering should be detailed.